History of Castleview Lawn Tennis Club

Founded in 1945


The original grounds at Castleview back in the 1800s was occupied by the British Army and used as a training ground for military purposes. The Army Barracks was situated on the site of the present-day car park at the front entrance and the area behind the Club was used for bowling, cricket and croquet and mainly used by British Army personnel and their friends. At the end of the century, in 1893, tennis was first played on the grounds and cricket was moved to a different location, Cricket was the game of choice throughout Ireland back in those days. When Ireland was granted its Independence in 1922 the land was available to be purchased and a local man, Joe Drohan from Castle Street bought the land where the Club is now located.

In the early 1920s the Army barracks closed and a group of Professional and Business people in the Town took control of the Grounds situated in the shadow of Ormonde Castle the only Tudor Manor in Ireland. The Club was known then as the Carrick Tennis Club and the first elected Secretary at the time was Thomas Bunker and Treasurer Richard Dooleyo. It was a very elite Members’ Club and the entrance to the Club was from Alyward’s Lane in New Street, There were 3 grass courts available for play and every Wednesday during the summer months Afternoon Tea was served to the players. At the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 the Club closed and play lapsed during the war years.

In May 1945 a group of local people including Jimmy O’Donnell, Mattie Gibbs, Dick Butler, Mary Kelly and a very young Noel Treacy and Tom O’Brien came together with a view of forming a Tennis Club in the town.

On the 13thMay 1945 a Public Meeting was called  in the Town Hall for the purpose of reforming the Tennis Club in Carrick-on-Suir.


The first Committee elected in 1945

President Jimmy O’Donnell
Vice Pres Dick Butler
Secretary Mary Kelly

Committee, Frank O’Keeffe, Miss Breda McDonnell, Bridie Ennis, Nellie, Kelly.

It was decided to call the club Castleview Lawn Tennis Club.

The Club opened for play on Sunday 27thMay, the first competitive event was an American Tournament in July 1945 with Members from neighbouring Clubs invited to take part. The Membership in the Club for that year was very encouraging with 32 Men and 30 Ladies and 15 Junior Members playing Tennis. The Club closed for the season on the 13thSeptember. To raise money it was decided to hold a dance in the Town Hall on Sunday 30thSeptember and it was agreed to engage Pat Kelleher’s Band for the night as he was a Member of the Club and offered his services at a reasonable price. It was proposed to start a Table Tennis Club in the Castle Cinema for Members to play during the Winter months it was also agreed to rent out the ground from Joseph Drohan for the sum of £15 per year and had the use of 3 Grass courts and a small Hut as a Club House this was situated up near the practice wall. The Committee organised a Social and was held in January 1946 with Members only allowed to attend.

The 1stAnnual General Meeting of the Club was held in the Town Hall on Wednesday 8thMay 1946 with a large attendance and the following Members elected.


Committee Elected 1946

Patron Rev Fr Dominick Ofm
President Jimmy O’Donnell
President Dick Butler
Secretary Mary Kelly
Treasurer Mattie Gibbs

Committee, Miss Ennis, Miss Kelly, Miss McDonnell, Mrs Guiry,   Frank O’Keeffe, Joe Fenton.

Cleary Cup Team Winners 1955.   Back l/r Gerard Cleary, Brian Morrissey, Tom Galvin, Tom Morrissey

 Noel Treacy , Ann Coghlan ,Vera Phelan, Eleanor Nolan, Ann Phelan, unknown

Member Subscriptions from 1945-1964

Men = £1   Ladies = 15 shillings    Junior = 2 shillings 6 pence


1945/46 £62 17 schilling 6 pence
1946/47 £73 18 schilling 6 pence
1947/48 £64 17 schilling 6 pence
1948/49 £68 2 schilling 6 pence
1949/50 £68 2 schilling 6 pence
1950/51 £59 17 schilling
1951/52 £58 11 schilling
1952/53 £42 2 schilling
1953/54 £90 9 schilling 6 pence
1954/55 £59 7 schilling 6 pence
1955/56 £60 15 schilling
1956/57 £106 2 schilling 6 pence
1957/58 £111 1 schilling
1958/59 £107 17 schilling
1959/60 £30 16 schilling
1960/61 £93 10 schilling
1961/62 £121 11 schilling
1962/6 £100 1 schilling
1963/64 £120 5 schilling

Committee Elected in 1947

Patron    Rev Fr Dominick  Ofm

President    Rev Fr Ryan CC

Vice President  Dick Butler

Hon Secretary    Mary Kelly

Hon Treasurer    Mattie Gibbs

Committee; Nellie Kelly, Pat Drohan, Joe Fenton, Tom Higgins, Paddy Hearn.

The first Cleary Cup (donated by the late Richard Cleary) took place in June 1958 and was must successful with 25 clubs and over 200 players from Munster and Leinster competing and the winners were Rush Brooke from Cork, however due to lack of entries this Competition was discontinued in 1998.The Club held an Annual Social Dinner Dance every year in various Hotels which were enjoyed by the Members and partners.

In 1949 a fourth grass Court was developed to facilitate the growing Membership and a new Club Pavilion was built by Seamus Healy in 1956 with dressing rooms and toilets for the Ladies and Gents and a Kitchen and Function area for the sum of £50.

This really established the Club as they now had a place to have meetings and social functions and good facilities for its Members. The entrance to the Club then was alongside the Castle Cinema Castle Street.

Committee of 1954/55 Season

Patron   Rev John Harty CC

President  Dick  Butler

Vice Pres  Jerry Moran

Secretary  Mary Kelly

Treasurer  Noel Treacy

Committee, Mrs Fennell, Ann Phelan, Ida Benedick Meany, Jack Lalor, Liam Hogan, Tom Morrissey.

Rules of the Club 1955 Season

  1. Hours of Play Junior Members 2- 6pm each day but cannot use courts after that time.
  2. Tennis Shoes to be worn at all times on the Courts
  3. Players are recommended to wear Whites on Thursday’s and Sunday’s
  4. Doubles have preference over Singles when there are other Members waiting.
  5. Intending Members must apply to the Committee for acceptance before using Courts.
  6. Visitors Fees 2/6 per week Members are responsible to the Committee for such Fees
  7. Short sets to be played when there are other Members waiting.
  8. Fees = Gents 1 pound Ladies 15 shillings Juniors 2/6 must be paid to the Secretary


The Junior Committee held their very first Annual General Meeting in June 1957.

Committee of 1962 Season

Patron    Rev John Callanan CC

President   Michael Waide

Vice President  Michael Cleary

Hon Secretary   Mary Kelly

Hon Treasurer   Vera Phelan

Captain       Noel Treacy

Committee, Maureen Cleary, Dick Butler, Michael Mason, Tom Morrissey, Noël Slattery.


The Clubs Senior Open Week for the Tennis Championships of Tipperary commenced inJuly1967 for 1 week attracting competitor’s from America, South Africa, England and all the local Clubs in Munster and Leinster. The Tournament is still as popular as ever and is now run over a 2 week period in September with generous local Sponsorship; the Junior Open Tennis Week commenced 1968 and was run off over one week in July. The entrance to the Club had changed again due to the Castle Cinema being sold and was located from the back of  Drohan’s house in Castle Street.

Committee elected in 1966

President  Michael Cleary

Vice President  Noel Slattery

Secretary  Mary Kelly

Treasurer  Tommy Walsh

Committee, Noel Treacy, Carol Dickenson, Tom Glascott, John O’Keeffe, Dick Meany, Bertie Battye, Jim Lynch.

There was of attendance of 50 at the Annual General Meeting with Bertie Battye   paying tribute to the late Richard Cleary a former President and stalwart of the club who had passed away during the year.

The future of the Club and Tennis in the town was in Jeopardy in 1968 as the land was put up for Sale but due to the foresight and determination of the Committee at the time the land was purchased for the sum of £4000 from the Drohan Family and the new entrance was created from the Castlepark which is now the back entrance to the Club. The money was borrowed from the AIB bank. With the following acting as Trustees Tommy Walsh, Tom Glascott, Noel Treacy, Mary Kelly.

Committee of 1968 Season when the grounds was purchased.

                   Patron    Rev Fr John.Callanan CC

 President     Bertie Battye

     Vice Pres    Michael Cleary

Hon Secretary       Mary Kelly

Hon Treasurer     Tommy Walsh

                  Captain         John O’Keeffe

Committee. Carol Dickenson, Marie Hurley, Tom Glascott, John Glascott, Noel Slattery, Dick Meany, Noël Treacy

At the time door to door collection was carried out by the members of the Committee to raise the money to purchase the ground and the Tennis dances in the Ormonde Hall which were very successful then The Royal Showband with Brendan Bowyer played their first date in the Ormonde Hall in 1958. The Club also ran a Marquee in the grounds of the Davin Park in 1971 in conjunction with the Davin Hurling Club on a 60/40 basis with big bands booked Big Tom, Dickie Rock, Joe Dolan, Royal Showband  however at the time the ESB decided to go on strike and attendance was down due to the uncertainty of power cuts and as a result with small crowds it ran at a loss and a major set back to the Club Finances.

The Club would open for play in May and would continue to the end of August weather permitting. The Senior Open Week was played for 1 week from 8th-13thJuly and the Junior Open Week 1 week also from 15th-20thJuly.

The Club was a great Social outlet for its Members back then with the weekly Tennis hops in the Pavilion. At that time also you would not be allowed on Court without wearing your White’s and very strict Rules applied then.

Committee of 1973

          President   Paddy Coghlan

Vice President  Noel Slattery

      Secretary   Mary Kelly

                  Treasurer Michael Lonergan

Tournament Secretary Mairead Fitzpatrick

Captain Lonan Burke

Committee, Tom Kennedy, Brian Eason, Noël Treacy. Dick Meany. Tom Glascott.

Fees agreed for the year Family £8 /senior £4 /junior £2 /Pavillion/

Castleview was a beautiful location for a Tennis Club unknown to the many people who visited the Club situated inside the Old Carrick Wall alongside the Ormonde Castle and much admired by Players and Visitors alike for its friendly atmosphere and described the Club as a ‘Jewel in the Crown’

Noel Treacy was the man behind Castleview for all these years and his wife Ella (Meany) was President of the Club in 1977 and all his children have been prominent Members of the Club over the years.


He kept Tennis alive in Carrick-On-Suir he was responsible for the preparation of the Grass Courts with the cutting of grass in April and May and lining and rolling the Courts for use during the summer. Noel also represented the Club on the Munster Tennis Council and was honoured to be President of Munster Tennis Council from 1968/69 and was a Selector for the Inter provincials after his term as President for many years. Noel passed away suddenly on the 23/5/2009 while he was attending a Tournament in the Club and was playing tennis up to that time. The Treacy family in memory of Noel Sponsored the Noel Treacy Perpetual Trophy in 2010 and is played for every September with great support from Member’s. Noel was a Faithfull Servant to the Club and will forever be remembered while Tennis is played in Castleview.

Noel’s contribution to the Club was acknowledged by the South Tipperary Sports Awards for the Canon Hayes Awards in 2009 when he was presented for an Achievement Award for all his work and dedication to Tennis in Carrick-on-Suir.

Others who served on the Munster Tennis Council over the years were Tommy Walsh 1965-68, Michael Lonergan who was responsible for Tennis News Bulletin 1983/86 ,Gerard Cleary 1989/90 and Shane Cooke the recent Munster Council President 2016/17

In April 1979 the Committee of the time  President  Patrick Burke, Noel Treacy , Michael Lonergan Treasurer, with the support of the Club Members decided to move with the times as most other Clubs in the area had and replace the existing Grass Courts with 3 new All Weather Hard Courts changing the layout of the Courts with 3 new Courts at the top end and 1 Grass Court retained at the Pavilion . This work was carried out on the 17th  April 1979 by O’Dwyer Tarmac Tipperary the experts in the field at the time at a cost of £6,740.

The Courts were Officially opened for play by the late Sean Healy Chairman South Tipperary County Council and Johnny Dowley Chairman Carrick-on-Suir UDC, Peter McCarthy President Munster Tennis Council also in attendance were current members and former Past members of the Club, Noel Slattery, Tommy Walsh, Tom Glascott, Paddy Coghlan, Liam Hogan, Tom Morrissey.


 Committee of 1979 when the Grass was replaced by Hard Courts.

   President           Patrick Burke

            Hon Vice President’s       Dr Paul O’Brien, Mary Kelly                                      

Vice President         Noel Slattery

               Secretary        Catrine Faulkner

              Treasurer        Michael Lonergan

            Captain       Gerard Cleary

Committee, Antoinette Leahy, Joan Ann Cooney, Alice O’Regan, Carmel Walsh, Ella Treacy, Ann O’Gorman, Noel Treacy, Noel Kelly, Johnny Irish.



The Club Pavilion was refurbished in 1984 by the late Tom Nolan with a new roof and new Showers installed and new Ladies and Gents changing rooms and the Kitchen area extended and new Seating installed outside the Club house. This was Officially opened by Pauline Daly President of The Munster Tennis Council with a Plaque erected by the then Captain John Butler in Memory of his late father Dick Butler (Founder Member and President of the Club.) From 1955 – 61

Inter Firms tennis commenced in the club in 1984 and this proved to be very popular tournament with teams from business and social clubs in the area taking part and attracting a lot of new members into the club. It is still as popular today as it was back then.

In 1986 it was decided by the Committee to replace the last remaining Grass Court to an All Weather Court and to install Floodlights on this Court with perimeter fencing .The work was carried out by O’Dwyer Tarmac from in March at a cost of £10,226.This proved to be a very popular decision as it allowed Members to play 24/7 and 52 weeks of the year.

The Courts were resurfaced on the 29thApril 1992 due to wear and tear and damage caused to the Courts by the Roots from the surrounding trees around the side of the Courts. The falling leaves from October were also a major problem for Members playing due to the possibility of slip or falling. This work was carried out at a cost of €11,000 and the Floodlighting was also extended to Court No 3 which was of great benefit to the Members.

The Club had great success in Munster Competitions over the years winning the Ladies Michel Cup in 1984/93 Team of Eileen Skelly, Stephanie Keating. Annette Meany. Sharon Wells, Julieann O’Neill, Mary Phelan, Stephanie Keating, Frances Mullins

A lot of Fund Raising was done in the Club over the years with a few 24 hour Tennis Marathons and a Race Night and members 50/50 draw and dances in the Bessborough Arms Hotel every Sunday night to raise money towards the work carried out in the Club.

Castleview also organised the ‘Miss Carrick ‘competition at the Annual Cleary Cup dances in the Ormonde hall back in the 50s/60s and ran successfully for many years and the winner of the competition in 1983 Brenda Hylandwent on the represent  Castleview and Waterford to win the Rose of Tralee.

In 2003/4 with the Club losing members and with other Clubs improving their facilities the Development Committee at that time of John Glascott, Tom Dunne, Patrick Burke, Mary O’Hanlon, Frances Mullins, decided to bite the bullet and Install the most up to date tennis surfaces and refurbish the old Club house at a cost €250,000. It turned out to be a wise decision with the Club now offering the best facilities to its Members. A new entrance was also made from the adjoining car park at New Street which has proved to be of great benefit to members and visitors.

The Club held the Official Opening of the new facility in September 2005 and was attended by many past and current Members and invited guests and the honour of cutting the tape on the day fell to Noel Treacy (Hon Vice President) also in attendance Tom O’Brien Founder Member, Gerard Cleary and Fr Pat Cooney PP who blessed the facility.



Noel Treacy unveiling a Plaque to commigrate the Official opening of the Courts in 2005 also present Sylvia Cooney Sheehan (Mayor of Carrick) Patrick F.Burke (President Castleview),Tom O’Brien,John Glascott,,Gerard Cleary.

In recognition of all this work carried out by the Committee at the time Castleview won the Club of the Year Award by Tennis Ireland in 2006 and were accorded a Civic Reception by the Carrick-on-Suir Urban District Council Chairman Denis Landy for this great achievement, Patrick Burke President Castleview and Noel Treacy Founder Member gave a History of the Club since its foundation with a big number of Members in attendance.

 The Club Courts were Rejuvenated again in March 2017 with a new playing Surface and additional work on Drainage and new Perimeter fencing on all Courts and a Midi Court for U/10 players  provided at the old practice wall making it a State of the Art facility for Members and Players.

The outgoing Committee of President Tom Everett, Secretary Declan Connolly, Captain Geraldine Everett, Treasurer Sheila Meade and Committee, Willie Foley. Denis Murphy, Sean Hegarty Peter Baker, Mary O’Hanlon are to be congratulated for all their time and efforts over the past 2 years in carrying out this work and making Castleview LT Club the Envy of other Clubs in the Locality.

This facility was officially opened in July 2017 by the Tennis Ireland CEO Richard Fahey with Shane Cooke President of the Munster Council in attendance.

Zach Murphy (Castleview) up and coming Tennis star pictured in Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club in Dublin.

Over the years the Club had some outstanding players including Tom and Gerry Cleary Bridge Street, Tom reached the final of the Irish Junior championships in 1948 and Gerry represented Ireland at Junior Wimbledon in 1958 more recently  Eileen Skelly played on the Munster Ladies Team1992/3 with great success and Gerard Cleary played Inter Pro’s at U/18 for Munster, Julieann Foley has represented Castleview for Munster and Ireland Veterans 2008. At present we have our young Rising Star Zach Murphy who has already represented Ireland at U/14/13 represented Munster at U/12 and has a great future in the game.

The Old Carrick Wall that surrounds the Club has been refurbished by the Board of Works over the past 4 years and restored to its original build which really enhances the Club and surrounds with some work still to be carried out on this project…

Over 20 members from the Club made the trip to Vale do Lobo, in Portugal Tennis Resort in 2010 for 8 days and stayed in the Complex for a series of challenge and friendly games and this continued over the years striking a good relationship with our friends in Portugal. In the years 1983/4/5 a group of Senior Members of the Club spent many enjoyable Social weekend’s in Galway Ltc in September for a series of friendly games.

Over the years the Club had many Groundsmen to maintain the Club grounds and from the records the following names are listed  John Riordan from 1945 -50 John Alyward 1946-47 Jack Baldwin 1948-49,John McDonald 1949-50,Wm.Walsh 1951-52,Ed.Dwyer,Pat Drohan 1953-56, 1959-60 Paddy Cooney 1961-62 John O’Keeffe 1961-63, Michael Heffernan 1973-4,Noel Kelly1974-5 and in the late 70s/ 80s Jimmy O’Halloran who  served the Club well keeping the grass Courts to the highest standard and in later years John Lennon who followed in 1990. Since the year 2000 this work has been covered by the local CES Scheme who do a great job in keeping the Club and the grounds in great shape all year round.

The Club had many Coaches over the years with Michael Hickey Limerick Munster Council Coach and Dick McCarthy St Annes, and Club Coaches Stephanie Keating, Eileen Skelly, Antoinette Leahy, Julieann Foley all contributing to the promotion of Tennis in the Town and the Club, Parks Tennis is also a great way of introducing younger players into the Club and this takes place in July for 2 weeks with Coach Julieann Foley

During the 90s the Club had many Student Members employed to supervise the Junior Members during the afternoons this was done in conjunction with the Dept of Social Welfare.The following Members took part in this Scheme, Dermot Lalor, Feargal Nealon, Mary O’Shea, Vida Coady and in latter years Jessica Foran. Emma Hurley, Jason Power, Peter Baker.

The Club had many Competitions and Tournaments since its foundation kindly Sponsored by the following ‘The Cleary Cup’ Cleary Hardware Ltd, ’Cleary Cup Plate Event’  Bourke Drapers ‘Miss Carrick’ Competition  Schiesser International Ltd and Coughlin’s Chemist and Inter Firms Tournament, Bertie Battye TV,Galvins Bakery,Old Mill and the Inter Firms Plate Event, Treacy Fuels

Over the years the following Family Members would have played in the Club since its foundation.

Cleary, Moran, Butler,Meany,Drohan,O’Donnell,McDonnell,Treacy,Galvin,Morrissey,HoganCoghlan, O’Brien,Fennell,Meagher,O’Sullivan,Connolly,Burke,McGrath,O’Neill,Driscoll, Aughney,Prim,Hearn,Meade,Phelan,Murphy, Nolan,Lynch,Hynes,Giblin,Ronan,Brazel,Funcheon,Cooney, Power,Lalor,Healy,Dervin,Heffernan,Danagher,Fitzpatrick,Walsh,Dowley,Leahy,Shannon, O’Keeffe, McGeever,O’Hanlon,Ruddy,Skelly,Babington, Glascott, Roche-Nagle, Foran,Keating,Kennedy,Kehoe,Cotter,Hurley,Quirke,Hogan,Roche,Behal,Everett.Dunne,Power,Kelly,HickeyMcCarthy, Diffley,Foley,Maloney,Cummins,Mullins,Hegarty

The Following members were accorded Hon Members by the Committee of the time for their Service and Dedication to the club over the years.

Dr Paul O’Brien (Hon Vice President) 1974

Mary Kelly- (Hon Secretary) 34 years 1945-1979 (Hon Vice President) 1980

Noel Kelly -Captain (Hon Vice President) 1980

Noel Treacy- (Founder Member) President/Captain/Treasurer/Secretary, (Hon Vice President) 1993 (Hon Life Member) 2004/5

Tommy Walsh- Treasurer/Captain/President (Hon Life Member) 2007

Michael Lonergan-President 2008 (Hon Treasurer)  30 years 1973-2003    (Hon Vice President)   2009


Pictured at the Club were Michael Quirke,Mary O’Hanlon, Ellie Frankton Treacy, Noel Kelly (Hon Vice President) home on holidays from Australia 2006 Michael LONERGAN, Johnny Fitzpatrick



Past President’s of Castleview over the years.



Jimmy O’Donnell, Richard Cleary, Fr Ryan CC, Dick Butler, Michael Waide, Bertie Battye,  Fr John Callanan CC, Tom Morrissey, Michael Cleary, Tommy Walsh, Noel Treacy, Noel Slattery, Dick Meany, Lonan Bourke, Paddy Coghlan, Tom Kennedy, Ella Treacy, Niall Dennehy, Eddie Keating, David Skelly, Jack Lalor, Patrick Burke, John Glascott, Michael Lonergan, Tom Treacy, Tom Everett, Sean Hegarty.


Past Secretary’s

Mary Kelly, Catrine Faulkner, Eileen Skelly, Cathy Fitzpatrick, , Stephanie Cleary, Siobhan Babbington, David Skelly, Bridie O’Hara, Frances Mullins, Claire Walsh, Sinead Glascott, Tina Hurley, Declan Connolly, Denis Murphy.

Past Treasurer’s

Mattie Gibbs, Ml.Mason, Vera Phelan, Noel Treacy, Pat Harney, Brian Eason, Michael Lonergan, Tommy Walsh, Geraldine Everett, Sheila Meade, Penny Alvarez.

Past Captain’s

John O’Keeffe, Tom Galvin, Noel Slattery, Tommy Walsh, Dick Meany, Noël Treacy, Tom Glascott, Tom Kennedy, Gerard Cleary, Lonan Burke, Mark Meany, Noel Kelly, John Butler, Eileen Skelly, Johnny Irish, Anthony Nolan, Frank O’Donovan, Stephanie Keating, John Glascott, Michael Brunnock, Ronan Murphy, Mary Phelan,  Shane Cooke,Tom Treacy, Mary O’Hanlon, Frances Mullins, Alfie Kelly, Jacinta Ahearn, Geraldine Everett, Bridget O’Dwyer.

Members dedicated service to Castleview Ltc

The following  Officers served  on Committee for the Club with over 65 years Service between them.

The late Mary Kelly served as Secretary of the Club from its foundation in 1945 for 35 years until 1978 for a lady who never played Tennis she was a great Administrator.

Michael Lonergan joined the Club in 1973 and was elected Treasurer and held that position for 30 years until 2003 and still is an active Member in the Club.


This Information on the History of the Club has been gathered with the help of Tommy Walsh and material from the late Noel Treacy  and by speaking to Older and Current Members of the Club and to the best of our knowledge is a true reflection of the History of the  Club since its Foundation.

If anyone has any further Information to add or dispute please contact me and it will be Added or Corrected.

Michael Lonergan