Congratulations to all those who got to finals in St Anne’s Senior Open Week 2015 last Saturday. Grade 3 Singles Winner Jamie Commins, Grade 4 Singles Winner Jamie Commins. Grade 6 Men’s Doubles Runners Up Gerry Everett & George Everett.

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Junior Open Week 2015 Finals day was last Saturday 4th July. Great week of tennis with a good entry. Thanks to all those who helped out to make it a success.

Boys U18 Singles
1. Stephen Lahert (Castleview)
2. Luke Brereton.

Boys U18 Doubles
1. Billy Delahunty(Castleview)
Andrew O’Brien(Castleview)
2. Gavin Ahern (Larkspur)
Alex Ryan (Larkspur)

Mixed Doubles U18
1. Ivan Bastid (France)
Coline Bourgeat (France)
2. Andrew O’Brien (Castleview)
Kate Conroy (Castleview)

Boys Singles U16
1. Ivan Bastid (France)
2. Alex Ryan (Larkspur)

Girls Singles U16
1. Coline Bourgeat (France)
2. Kate Conroy (Castleview)

Boys Doubles U16
1. David Farrell (St. Annes)
Eoin Farrell (St Annes)
2. James Feely (Kilkenny)
Max Neill (Kilkenny)

Boys Singles U14
1. Shane Brady (St Annes)
2. James Feely (Kilkenny)

Girls Singles U14
1. Patrice Hayes (Limerick Lawn)
2. Lainey Gilsenan (Kilkenny)

Girls Doubles U14
1. Anna Downey (Larkspur)
Lainey Gilsenan (Kilkenny)
2. Hanna Hayes (Limerick Lawn)
Patrice Hayes (Limerick Lawn)

Boys Doubles U14
1. Shane Brady (St. Annes)
Malcolm Rowe (St Annes)
2. Victor Exshaw (France)
Ronan Prat (France)

Mixed Doubles U14
1. Shane Brady (St Annes)
Anna Downey (Larkspur)
2. James Feely (Kilkenny)
Lainey Gilsenan (Kilkenny)

Boys Singles U12
1. Eoin Farrell (St Annes)
2. Cillian Norton (Kilkenny)

Girls U12 Singles
1. Anna Feely (Kilkenny)
2. Karen Hegarty (Tramore)

Boys Doubles U12
1. Cathal Norton (Kilkenny)
Cillian Norton (Kilkenny)
2. Josh Hegarty (Castleview)
Diego Pachheco (Spain)

Boys Singles U10
1. Josh Hegarty (Castleview)
2. Marcus Neill (Kilkenny)

Girls Singles U10
1. Mille Gilsenan (Kilkenny)
2. Emily Hennessy (Kilkenny)

Boys Doubles U10
1. Tadhgh Johnston (St Annes)
Marcus Neill (Kilkenny)
2. David Comerford (Castleview)
Ross Conroy (Castleview)

Girls Singles U9
1. Mille Gilsenan (Kilkenny)
2. Emily Hennessy (Kilkenny)

Junior Supervision on Tue, Thur & Sat 1pm-5pm

Parks Tennis on this week 10am – 1pm daily..