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Edition 1, Volume 1


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Are You Using ClubManager On Your Mobile Yet?

Are you using Castleview’s online court booking system ClubManager yet? Once you’re set up it’s really easy to book courts, cancel courts, or invite other members to play matches from the comfort of your own couch. You can also enter Tennis Ladders and other events. Every paid-up member who has an email address and mobile number can use the court booking system.  So if you’re not already using ClubManager talk to any Committee member who will be delighted to help set you up!

Mens & Ladies Singles Ladder’s 2020 – Results are in!

Under Construction – Coming Soon!


Times Are-A Changing

New CLub Sign, New Mobile Number, New WhatsApp Group!

You may have noticed some changes around the place. We have a new sign on the main door at the New Street carpark entrance.

The sign takes advantage of the easy promotional opportunities on offer in the public carpark and it helps create awareness of the fact that there’s a tennis club in the town and we’re looking for new members! The club also has a new telephone number, in fact it’s a mobile number, 089-4390673. The mobile allows the club to leverage modern communication technologies that make communicating with members and prospective members quicker, easier and more cost effective.

The mobile allows us to text and email and we’ve set up a new club WhatsApp group for quick and easy messaging to members about upcoming events and issues. To join the Castleview  WhatsApp group just download the App from iTunes or Play Store on your mobile and request to join “Castleview LTC Group”. It’s a member only group and it’s broadcast only, so you won’t get lots of annoying “thumbs up” notifications on your mobile.

Under Construction - Coming Soon